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27 February 2015

Featured Blogger of the Week - Ruth Song

This week we are featuring Ruth Song of Running on Full.

Ruth is an educator by day and writer at night on her blog - Running on Full. She is passionate about helping moms live full and healthy lives.

On her blog, she shares her experiences in learning to cook family-friendly (yet quick and simple) dishes, fitting exercise into an already over-filled schedule and picking up lessons as a first-time parent.

Join her on her blog as she shares with you 5 simple ways to avoid killing yourself – while getting the body you want!

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20 February 2015

Featured Blogger of the Week - Liang May

Today we are featuring Liang May of A Million Little Echoes

Message from Liang May
"Embark on an adventure with us at A Million Little Echoes as we unfold our stories by bits and pieces. This is our cosy alcove. A diary which I hold dearly, providing a chronological framework of my family’s walk with life.

My duties are innumerable but life has become more purposeful because I am now a mother. One that stays at home and no, SAHMs do not take afternoon naps with their children every day."

Go over to her blog as she shares with us on some tips for photography during this Chinese New Year.
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18 February 2015

Featured Blogger of the Week - Angie

This week we are featuring Angie from Growing Hearts.

Angie is an educator at heart and by profession. She values wholesome education that starts at home. Her blog provides aplenty of Hands On activities especially the Visual Arts.

Hop over to her blog to check out the Lapbook Resources and lesson plans that she created for her kids.
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06 February 2015

Featured Blogger of the Week - Elizabeth

Today we are featuring Elizabeth of Little Bow Girl.

Message from Elizabeth

"My name is Elizabeth but everyone calls me Libby. I’m a Mama of a 10-month-old baby girl, Sophie Rose and she is the apple of my eye.

I am a reporter by day, and I run my passion-fuelled business The Little Bow Company by night but hope to one day become a stay-at-home Mama.

I blog about almost everything – food, babies, babywearing, home and d├ęcor, fashion but what I love to write about the most is travel – I’ve no intention to stop exploring the world, just that this time we’re bringing along the bubba!"

Go over to her blog where she shares with us How to Decorate a Baby Nursery.
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04 February 2015

Featured Blogger of the Week - Lynn

This week we are featuring Lynn of Raising Faith.

Lynn is (mostly) a SAHM who loves spending time in her kitchen to cook and bake. She occasionally teaches baking and cake decorating in order to maintain her sanity and satisfy her need for adult interactions. She also devotes her time to plan and create teaching resources for her toddler daughter, Faith, and organizes playdates for her.

Hop over to her blog as she shares with us the Goodness and Satisfaction in Home-Cooked Food.
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