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17 April 2015

Featured Blogger of the Week - Ashlyn Thia

Today we are featuring Ashlyn Thia.

Ashlyn shares her walk of faith, love and joy as a full time working mummy to 1. Many years back, she prayed for a child but God didn't send her one immediately. Instead, he waited and blessed her with a daughter at the perfect timing. He continued to be her center of life, guide and lead her new journey. She writes about her life, faith, parenting, child, travel and crafting "adventures" – yes, many ups & downs!

Motherhood has changed her in many aspects and that includes her body that she has kind of taken for granted before baby. And now – thinned and wavy hair, heavier eye bags, wider hip, “toned” arms, wrinkled tummy and the list goes on. Thus, looking presentable and groomed tops her list and it’s probably the thing that makes her feel normal.

Join her at her blog and read how she dress up for work in 10 minutes. You can also find 10 personal tips that may come in handy for you!
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15 April 2015

Featured Blogger of the Week - Michelle

This week we are featuring Michelle from The Chill Mom.

The Chill Mom is a blog dedicated to help new moms through the early period of motherhood with confidence and style. So expect to find useful posts on pregnancy, motherhood musings, health, beauty and LOTS of mommy tips from this former fashion model and entrepreneur.

Michelle is currently sacrificing sleep every night to write a book with the same title, while sneak eating chocolate she hides from her girls. She is selected as one of the 25 Most Stylish Mommy Blogger by Harper’s Bazaar.

Hop over to her blog as she shares with us some tips on putting makeup in just 5 minutes. Something busy Moms will really appreciate.
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08 April 2015

Featured Blogger of the Week-Mrs Kam

This week we are featuring Tzer Jing from The Kam Family

Mrs Kam, who is s full time working mum, is the writer for this family blog. She dedicates all her non-working hours to her two children and family, an advocate of "family first, everything else second". She started this blog 7 years ago, with the aim to documenting the growing up of her children and sharing parenting experience with her readers; seven years later, she still blogs for the same reasons. In her blog, the particular areas of interest include positive parentinghealthy eating and any health related topicscooking and baking (to a lesser extend), and outdoor fun. She and her husband are also firm believers of "un-kiasu-ism", so they do not let their children to be involved in the rat race nor to follow the "norm", but to let their children to grow at their own pace, providing the best support and guidance they possible could. Hop on to her blog and enjoy reading!

Hop over to her blog to read about how she embarks on healthy eating with her kids 

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01 April 2015

Featured Blogger of the Week - Rachel Teo

This week we are featuring Rachel from Catch 40 Winks.

'Catch Fortywinks' used to be an idiom that Rachel found herself doing too much of, as a rookie mum to her son. This blog is more than just a wink in the dark, definitely not about cat-naps, but with suggestions aplenty, to living life with meaning and inspiration. So look out for introspective parenting posts, Projects to sew and ideas to make home-crafts and gifts and not so conventional ways to enrich your child’s learning. She also shares her reflections on the Christian faith that she is so passionate about.

Hop over to her blog as she shares with us a crafting post on decorating plain paper bags.
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18 March 2015

Featured Blogger of the Week - Agatha

This week we are featuring Agatha from Green Issues by Agy.

Agatha aka "Agy" is a mummy, a wife, an eco-designer and an environmentalist. Besides making sure everyone is taken care of at home, she also loves to sew. Her specialty is in upcycling post-consumer textiles and making wearable electronics. Besides sharing her passion and tutorials on her blog, she also conducts workshops and talks.

Join her as she shares with us the making of an upcycled tie headband.
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11 March 2015

Embracing Motherhood

Being a mother is not  really a walk in the park. Everyone's experience is unique and different.  The dynamics between a mother and a child differs. There are many different factors at play due to the different personality and preferences of both the mother and the child/children. 

Join Dominique Goh  and 25 other mums as they share their personal experiences- the joys and anguish of being a mother to their child/children. 

Are you ready for heartfelt stories?

Hop over to  Dominique's Blog- Dominique's Desk  where you be directed to the first stop. 
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06 March 2015

Featured Blogger of the Week - Madeline

Today we are featuring Madeline of Mad Psych Mum.

Madeline is a Psychologist and mother of a talkative girl and a cheeky little boy. She is passionate about children, breastfeeding and travelling, which she writes about on her Parenting and Travel blog,

She is also a self-professed neat freak who loves organisation! Follow her on her blog for tips on parenting, organisation and travel itineraries.

Today she is sharing with us on Organising with a Pocket Storage Hanger.
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