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19 August 2015

Featured Blogger of the Week - Justina

Today's featured blogger is Justina, who blogs at Mum in the Making.

Justina is a stay home mum to three little boys, and her blog is a journal of their journey as they homeschool, learn, craft and play together as a family.

Today, using her background as a former Science teacher, she shares some useful tips on how to approach the dreaded subject of Primary School Science.
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14 August 2015

Featured Blogger of the Week - Serene

Today we are featuring Serene from Xavvy-licious.

Serene is a Stay- At -Home - Mumpreneur to Xavier (7) and Vera (2). She blogs at Xavvy-licious, documenting memories of her family, growing milestones of the children, home learning activities, some simple recipes from her humble kitchen and oiling tips from my oily business.

Hop over to her blog as she shares with us about Hair Loss and Scalp Care.
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12 August 2015

Featured Blogger of the Week - Estella

This week we are featuring Estella from So Oddly Dreamlike.

Mama to 3 year-old Joy, Estella works from home and is an occasional singer /host. She is passionate about living fully, breastfeeding, fashion/beauty and organisation. On So Oddly Dreamlike, Estella writes about Joy, her passions and the family’s journey towards getting their new home.

So hop over to her blog as she shares with us on Super Quick Make Up That Lasts.
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22 July 2015

Featured Blogger of the Week: Christy

This week, we have Christy from Kids "R" Simple.

Christy is a FTWM of 3 young kids. She insists that Motherhood should not equate to losing her right to enjoy what a woman should be. And that's the reason why while she focuses much on giving her kids their rightful childhood by emphasizing on play and character building more than anything, she also pampers herself with girl dates, couple dates, mum-daughter dates, and squeezes in me-time in her very busy schedule. She also teaches her kids to enjoy the simple things in life and appreciate what they have from young.

Christy shares about kids' activities, parenting thoughts and challenges in the parenting journey over at her blog. Hop over to find out what she says about the price she paid as a laid back Mum on academic.
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15 July 2015

Featured Blogger of the Week: Winnie

This week we are featuring Winnie from ToddlyMummy.

At ToddlyMummy, Winnie shares her thoughts on parenting, fun learning moments of their home learning sessions and outdoor adventures. She sometimes share about her favourite food too, along with  occasional side orders of stuff that she finds useful as a busy mum.

Hope over to her blog as she shares with us on how she teaches her kids on Penguins.

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10 July 2015

Featured Blogger of the Week: Summer

This week we are featuring Summer from A Happy Mum.

A Happy Mum is a blog about motherhood, babies, DIY crafts, travelling and all things happy. It is a place for parents and aspiring mums to seek delight, to get inspiration, to find happiness and hope in this journey called parenthood. 

Today, Summer shares in her Creativity 521 series on how she and her kids made beautiful messes through Blot Painting and had lots of fun bonding through art.
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26 June 2015

Featured Blogger of the Week: Ing

This week we are featuring Ing from Ingspirations.

Ing is a mother of 3 who has decided to leave her Primary School teaching career to stay home with her kids during their formative years. Now that her eldest is nearing his tween years, she has found a new freedom to pursue her goals in life, still within the education field. An introvert, Ing enjoys expressing her thoughts through writing. She usually has more to say in writing than in person. 

Hop over to her blog where she share with you why you should Read to your Children.
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