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23 January 2015

Featured Blogger of the Week - Jenn

This week we are also featuring Jenn of My Lilbookworm.

Jenn, a former Remiser,  has been in the Singapore Mom Bloggers community for more then 2 years. My Lilbookworm is her space where she  regularly documents the progress of AJ, her only son. She blogs about parenting, books, fitness and wellness and occasionally on investments.

She is sharing with us today her 20-minute quick fix breakfast for her school-going boy. She hopes that this post will give you some inspirations and ideas to prepare a healthy breakfast for your children without sacrificing too much sleep!
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21 January 2015

15 or 5 things I would do differently in 2015

2015 - A year for change
 Are there areas in your life that you desire improvement or positive change?

 Do you need some inspiration?

Are there 15 things which you would like to change? 
Maybe 15 is a bit too many for you to think about how about 5 then?

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Read about how 34 Singapore Mom Bloggers go about creating positive changes in their lives in the month long blog train.

Hosted by Rachel of Catch Forty Winks 15 or 5 in 2015 will bring you on a  month long journey of inspiration through the writings of these moms. 

Are you ready to hop on this train?

Hop over to Rachel's blog - Catch Forty Winks where you will be directed to the first stop. 

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20 January 2015

Featured Blogger of the Week

We start 2015 with a new feature here on the blog~ Featured Blogger of the week. . This week we have  Diana Gale of The Domestic Goddess Wannabe.

Message from Diana of The Domestic Goddess Wannabe

"I am passionate about cooking and baking, and convincing people that cooking and baking at home is much much easier then they think! In my blog, The Domestic Goddess Wannabe. I simplify all recipes and show my readers using step-by-step photos how they can cook and bake like a pro. 

Each and every recipe in my blog has been tried and tested. In my " spare" time. I work full-time and spend time with my family- my husband the LAM and our two whirlwinds, Aden (5) and Jadelyn (2.5) "

Hop over to her blog where she shares with us how to make Korean- Style Stir Fried Squid (Ojingeo Bokkeun)

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