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15 March 2014

Why I Breastfed my Firstborn for 7 months

It was supposed to be the postnatal checkup for 6 months after delivery of my firstborn, Pei Pei. It turned out to be the first prenatal checkup for my second pregnancy.

"To play safe... better not."

That was my gynaecologist's reply to my question - Can I continue breastfeeding Pei Pei during pregnancy?

A few days later, when we brought Pei Pei to the pediatrician for vaccination, the pediatrician gave me the same reply when I asked that question.

When I did researches online, some articles commented that it is ok to continue breastfeeding during pregnancy, and I knew some mothers who did that.

I was in a dilemma.

The final decision to whether I should continue breastfeeding during pregnancy was then made. The person who made this decision was Pei Pei.


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  2. When my son was born in 1973, breastfeeding was not recommended. Mothermilk was apparently not good enough ! Today it's the other way around. My son survived the bottle feeding, is a very healthy man and 2 m long !


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