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15 March 2014

Why I Breastfed for 1 Month

HiroshiBreastfeed zps8464b33e Why I breastfed for..... One Month | 5 Lessons Ive learn from Breastfeeding
Unlike most new mother who struggled with supply problems. I had plenty to feed a village. I started producing milk shortly after 2nd trimester and had soaking wet tee shirts all the way till I delivered Hiroshi. I was a nervous wreck as a first time mother. But, I was AMBITIOUS! I insisted for Hiroshi to be totally breastfed.
Throughout the 9 months of pregnancy I was certain that I wanted Hiroshi to be totally breastfed. I’ve watch every single Dr Jack Newmen videos on Breastfeeding over a gazillion times. Running dry drills at the back on my head,
tummy to tummy,
tickle baby’s upper lips with nipple,
WAIT for the GAPE,
then straight on.
As I lay paralysed from waist down from the effect of epidural, accompanied with a fresh cesarean wound right across the bikini line. I wasn’t sure if I was able to breastfeed Hiroshi as planned.


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