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16 July 2013

Serve Your Children

Recently, I heard from a dear friend who just got mar­ried. Let’s call her Karen. She’s stay­ing with her husband’s fam­ily for now, while await­ing for their new home. And as we were catch­ing up with her new life, Karen made an inter­est­ing com­ment, “Why do moth­ers bring up their sons to be served?”

Appar­ently, in her husband’s house­hold, Mum does every­thing. She pre­pares break­fast for the fam­ily, cleans the house, does the laun­dry etc. I guess that’s quite com­mon, if you have a mummy who is a home­maker. BUT, the issue came when Karen’s hus­band (plus his brother, plus the dad) will wait at the din­ing table for food. The women (that’s Mum, and Karen) have to serve the men their cof­fee, eggs, fish, chicken, noo­dles, rice, news­pa­per, slip­pers etc!!

She says, the cof­fee pot is on the table. But either Mum or me her­self has to pour the cof­fee out for the men. The kitchen is three steps away, but the men will just plonk them­selves at the table, while the women brought the food out from the kitchen.


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  2. That's not how it works in my household. My husband does dishes laundry and everything else. I'm glad I married a self sufficient man.

  3. I agree with Joyce, my hubby helps with everything, he even enjoys feeling helpful to me.I heard this somewhere and I totally agree : ' if your man is raised by a queen, he will be taught how to treat you like a princess', so it is all in the education. :)

  4. I don't believe men have to be served. Then they don't learn to do things for themselves! {:-D

  5. My mum brought us up to be self sufficient so trained us early to help around the house. Nowadays, we see many kids being pampered. Only by the time they are at uni, they seem helpless. Well, at uni, they have to suffer somewhat and start being responsible for their stuff. Hard knock uni? It does help them realize that mum is not around all the time. This goes for boys & girls too.

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