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03 April 2013

Trials and Tribulations: Treating A Chronic Cough

I had a lot going on from the time Layla was born, in 2006. Besides getting used to being a parent, I mean. I was back in night school after a month, trying to complete my counselling diploma. When Layla was three months old, I started taking up freelance proofreading jobs. I wrote papers, studied for exams, clocked 100 counselling hours as a trainee counsellor, and continued accepting all the editorial assignments that came my way.

There really was no time to address the strange bubbling in my tummy, which went on all day and night, whether I was hungry or full.

Later, I didn’t stop to wonder why the bubbling stopped and a new sensation took over–a pressure that seemed to be building upwards, towards my chest and throat.

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