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03 April 2013

Trials and Tribulations: The Death That Changed My Life

I recently read some FTWMs’ blogs on why they could not be a SAHM. Alas, they all sounded so familiar!

I was an ambitious career woman prior to having AJ. I enjoyed my job. I had a supportive boss who was my mentor for 5 years. I had a wonderful team of colleagues whom I worked closely with. I had a good salary to draw on. I climbed the corporate ladder & had a career path.

Staying at home, looking after my child was never in mind. I love having a career, it was a sense of self-achievement. In fact, I was 1 of the selected candidates to be groomed for next promotion. I was also earning more than the father then, so it did not make economic sense for me to quit my job to look after a little one.

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