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14 March 2013

FTWM—Celebrate motherhood, life & work

This year marks my 8th year as a mummy. It also marks my 13th year as a working adult. (you can figure out how old I am!) Out of my working life, 60% was done as a FTWM (for the uninitiated, that’s Full Time Working Mother). I thought that’s pretty amazing! However, I figured & I know for a fact that there are many many others FTWM around, and there’s really nothing much to shout about.

But there is. There’s a cause to celebrate. It is common to paint the really tough and challenging life of a FTWM. (We also describe that for SAHM, WAHM & PTWM…looks like being a momma just ain’t easy!)There are countless valid reasons why one is a FTWM. For most, it’s the practicality of a duo income. Whether it’s a reluctant decision or a willing choice, we are here to stay for sure.

So what’s there to celebrate for a FTWM? Let me count the ways… …

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