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12 March 2013

FTWM: what is that?

The above acronym actually means Full Time Working Mums.

Well there was a whole big celebration linky party about SAHMs who all believes that they strive their best to be there for their family, nothing less than perfect. To be honest I really look up to these mummies who stay at home for the sake of their families. They are not paid, no annual leave nor bonus is given.. And they work 24/7. I salute you mummies for the sacrifices you made for your love ones. Well there are always two sides of the coin and I happen to be on the other side. So we, the FTWMs, also want to hop on the bandwagon for some celebrations! Well here is my version of why I decided to be on the FTWM side.

Yes I work full time (I tweaked a little of my working hours for this year) but still my working status is still reflected as a full time staff on my payslip.

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