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21 February 2013

$AHM: What’s a mother’s worth?

This post was written by Edlyn of Mummy Ed as part of the $AHM Linky party started by Sarah Lee-Wong of The Playful Parents.


Some people have commented that our government would be happy with us for having three kids. It’s really a personal choice, and it’s heartening to see more and more larger families.

Having been both a FTWM for two years to one child, and now a WAHM to three, encouraging Singaporean couples to have more children is one of my keen interest topics. Our government prefers for mothers to be in the workforce, but at the same time keeps calling for more babies. Wah lao eh, want more babies, want mothers to work long hours, everything also want. The only thing they don’t want, is to support stay home mothers. How can like that? In my mind it’s very clear that stay home mothers are worth more than our government believes. Their role at home is invaluable, irreplaceable, and well, if we want more babies their role is crucial. With more support, or at least less disfavor for stay at home mums (SAHMs), we will be able to see a trend of happier, and ultimately larger families in our country. Families happy, government happy. Win-win, what! And here’s why I think so.

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