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21 February 2013

$AHM: What We’re Really Worth (Linky)

Sarah Lee-Wong from The Playful Parents has started a linky to feature Moms who have chosen to out their careers on hold, in favour of staying home to ensure that their kids grow up in the best environment possible. Stay At Home Mums (SAHM) are often a misunderstood lot - most people have the tendency of thinking that they spend all day watching dramas, shop. have hi-tea and indulge in mahjong sessions with friends. 

Through this linky, these Mums have bravely taken a leap into the unknown, taken a 100% pay cut, and basically devoted their lives to home and family. They are to be lauded, for some things in life can never be measured in dollars and cents.


Sarah says:

More than making GDP contributions...
More than dollars and cents...
More than accolades and awards...
More than status and fame...
More than what money can buy...

This is what we, Mums who have left the Corporate World for Domestic Paradise (not!), believe what our place in our Homes is worth.

Do Mums who stay home really sip teas as they slip their freshly-manicured nails through perfectly coiffed hair?

Do we flop about in our pajamas all day long, trying to keep the home from disintegrating from boisterous Mess?

Are we all leeching off the goodwill of society by having one too many offsprings?

Just what is it we Mums who stay home really do?

Are we to be adored or abhorred?

So if you are a mom who stays home to care for your children, join us and share what life is really like from the domestic front. You may be doing some work from home to supplement household finances, and that will be just perfect too!

Because we Mums-At-Home come in all sorts of different forms, but our primary business is about being home for our family.

We're proud to be Stay-Home Mums.
And we're proud to say this:
We have net worth because
Our children have real value.


Do drop by her page and check out more contributions by other Stay Home Mums!


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