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21 February 2013

$AHM: I'm That Kind of Mum

This post was written by Adora Tan, The Gingerbread Mum, as part of the $AHM Linky party started by Sarah Lee-Wong of The Playful Parents.


Ain't got no swanky office
Work's piled under marketing lists
Cos I'm a mum
A work-at-home mum

Baby's crying from a fall
At the start of a conference call
Cos I'm a mum
Professional mum

Gave up insensible shoes
To squat and kiss boo-boos
Cos I'm a mum
A practical mum

My pay is kinda crappy
My mood, it's kinda snappy
Cos I'm a mum
An "I need to sleep" mum

Gave up a thousand or four
To do the things that matter more
Cos I'm a mum
A bye-bye-career mum

Economic contribution?
Let's talk after dinner preparation
I'm a mum
No-domestic-help mum

My body's oh so weary

Why do kids get up so early
I'm a mum
An I-want-to-sleep-in mum

Got no time to match clothes to shoesJust grab whatever's clean and loose
Cos I'm a mum
An I-miss-looking-good mum

Sure I'd love to dress up
But my kids lost all my make up
Cos I'm a mum
No-more-cosmetics mum

May have no real boss at my back
But the kids cut me no slack
Cos I'm a mum
Frequently bullied mum

No time to brush my hair

The school bus is already there
Cos I'm a mum
Perpetually late mum
When the kids are off at school
I ain't lounging by no pool

Cos I'm a mum
A "no time for me" mum

Phonics, craft, science and numbers
But really, I'm no teacher
Just a mum
Home learning mum
Fell asleep accidentally
At 8pm with the baby
Cos I'm a mum
A tired mum

Co-sleeping indefinitely
Nursing on demand, that's me
Cos I'm a mum
A milk-buffet mum

Picking toys at late o'clock
Feet finding pegs and Lego blocks
Cos I'm a mum
A try-to-be-neat mum

Bring the kids to the PD
Oh shucks, I've forgotten money
Cos I'm a mum
Absent-minded mum

Every day is filled with laundry
And "Mama just one more story"
Cos I'm a mum
A do-it-all mum

Late to meet our friends for dinner
The baby's still just in her diaper
Cos I'm a mum
A frazzled mum

Spare the rod and spoil the child?
I only hope they don't grow wild
Cos I'm a mum
Non-violent mum

Don't need no thermometer
To know they've got a fever
Cos I'm a mum
Experienced mum

People laugh at me when I say
It's tough to entertain kids all day
But I'm a mum
A hands-on mum

Excuse me if I'm not jolly
Just kicked over a full potty
Yes I'm a mum
A "sh*t happens" mum

Head's hot and nose is runny
Sick leave? Oh you're so funny!
I'm a mum
24/7 mum

No I don't think I'm wasting my time
I'll care for my kids, they're mine
I'm a mum
My kids' mum


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