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08 November 2012

My 小鬼 (little ghost) is baby no more.

I forgot who reminded who but Xan & I were talking abt his sch's Halloween party a few nights ago. I asked him if he wld like to wear the Ultraman costume my sis bought for him to the party. He said no.

He wanted to be a Prince! I was surprised, asked him if he knew wat it was and he said No but he wanted to dress like a Prince anyway. Being a skeptic, I had to make sure so I asked him again the next day. He clearly had a good night's rest and decided to ditch the whimpy Prince for... a Goose!

The white white one hor. He couldn't tell me why but gave me very clear instructions that it must hv very white feathers and a yellow beak. Goose very scary meh? Got ppl wear goose outfit for Halloween meh? to make??



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