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02 November 2012

Heirloom Toys

Alf and I had a funny conversation recently; I guess you could call it our brand of romance:

Me: Hey I’ve been thinking about the toys that we should keep around for the grandkids.
Alf: (grinning) Does this mean we’re staying together forever!?
Me: You do know that we don’t need to be together to have grandkids?

Anyway, back to the toys. It’s such a dilemma! I generally have few or no feelings for anything plastic, but even among our plastic toys, there are some nice-looking ones that I’d like to store away for the distant future. And I’ve given away so many plushies in the past that I think we can afford to be sentimental and save a few going forward.

What’ll kill me is having to whittle down our wooden/vintage/handmade collection—how can I ever decide?


  1. I have the same feeling as you about plastic toys. I just lump them all under the heading of "land fill".
    Not everyone feels the same. I have a friend who after buying one toy in a series, decided to buy the whole collection. He keeps them in their original packaging in a wardrobe, hidden from his kids. He assures me "they are gonna be worth a lotta money one day".
    Is anyone else soooo disappointed with the toys available these days? I can spend 45 minutes in Toy R Us and not find a single thing I would want to buy.
    Maybe a frisbee.
    I bought a microscope there for my daughter, after getting it home I realised that it didn't work and never will work. It looked like a microscope, but that's all.
    So I took it back. They told me to buy a more expensive one. So I did. Also didn't work.
    I was too angry to go back to Toys R Us and the microscope sits in a wardrobe in its original packaging. I din't think it's appreciating in value though. :(


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