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13 September 2012

Why Moms Blog: San's Story (Blog Train)

Blog Train: Why Do Moms Blog?

Rachel of Catch Fortywinks has started a train which will stop at 15 different blog stations to ask Moms on the reasons as to why they blog.


13th September 2012
Day 13: Sandra's Thoughts

The Lingering Thought - The Genesis of SANses

All endeavors start out simply. With a thought, a dream, a vision - that simply refuses to go away. My blog started out with a lingering thought as well. I felt I had something I wanted to say, and wanted to have an outlet to express my point of view. Were the blogs out there representative of MY point of view? I didn't think so, not all, and in particularly not some. Is my blog representative of your point of view? I have no illusions that they are, but the point is to provide an alternative perspective, a different point of view, and hopefully a refreshing tone of voice.

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