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24 September 2012

Why Moms Blog:
Blogging for the Love of my ABCs (Blog Train)

Blog Train: Why Do Moms Blog?

Rachel of Catch Fortywinks has started a train which will stop at 15 different blog stations to ask Moms on the reasons as to why they blog.


18th September 2012
Day 18: Sarah's Thoughts  

Why do moms blog? I don’t know. And truth is I don’t really care investigating since what I read too many great mom blogs to even pause to question their motives, save when I read one-too-many-bleah-reviews raving the heavens about something mundane like stickers . Smells too much like the blogger conspiring with a paying advertiser to ferret money out of my pocket.

Why do I blog? Now, that is something I really ought to know AND care. And that is something you probably would like to know too since you are a reader here.

Why do I write the things I write? Well, actually I would really write a whole load more if I wasn’t this bad at juggling my household chores. But like some of you may already know, I’m still working my way up the path of Saint Supermom-hood.


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