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11 September 2012

Why Moms Blog - Blogging and I: It's Not Just a Fling (Blog Train)

Blog Train: Why Do Moms Blog?

Rachel of Catch Fortywinks has started a train which will stop at 15 different blog stations to ask Moms on the reasons as to why they blog.


11th September 2012
Day 7: Adora's Thoughts

I've been blogging since 2008. So far I've blogged through 2 pregnancies, 1 stretch of maternity leave, full-time-working-mum status, stay-at-home-mum days and now work-at-home-mum-with-business-on-top-of-two-kids crazy days. So no, it's not just a fling. We're serious about each other and even intend to apply for a flat together some time in the near future.

Oh and it also serves as an excellent form of communication between Max and I.

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