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17 September 2012

Why Moms Blog: The 5 'R's of why I blog (Blog Train)

Blog Train: Why Do Moms Blog?

Rachel of Catch Fortywinks has started a train which will stop at 15 different blog stations to ask Moms on the reasons as to why they blog.


17th September 2012
Day 17: Summer's Thoughts 

Writing has been a passion of mine since I was a kid.

I remember how I would save up pocket money to buy a diary that comes with a lock and key. It would be my 'secret' book where I wrote down my feelings, experiences and even crushes.

Subsequently, I began to find it troublesome having to unlock the book every time and when the key finally got lost, I switched to writing in notebooks, which eventually started to build up in stacks.

Then the internet came along and I would occasionally jot down my thoughts using MS Word. Hooray! That saved the worry about running out of storage space for the bulky books!

When blogging came along and I lay my hands on it for the first time, I instantaneously knew that I had fallen in love.

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