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15 August 2012

Blog Feature: Loving My Spot in Singapore Series (Bukit Panjang)

In this run-up to National Day initiative, Sarah from The Playful Parents has started a Loving My Spot in Singapore blog hop series which will help us take a virtual tour to the areas in Singapore which hold close to each writer's heart.

Check out 19 incredible love notes from 19 fabulous and proud Singaporean mummies on the spots in Singapore which hold a special place in their hearts!


Day 19, 12 August 2012:
by Sharon of Oak Tree Baby

We live a little off the island… no I’m just kidding. When people whom we first met asked us where we lived, we almost always hear a silence, followed by an awkward “er.. where is that huh?”.

We are in fact quite close to Johor Bahru. I would say, probably the closest neighbourhood right after Woodlands. I spent most of my teenage years at “Coughing Hill” (Bukit Batok) but moved to “Long Hill” (Bukit Panjang) in my adult years and continued living at Bukit Panjang since I got married. It must be a good move as the name suggest!

Since this place is so secretly tucked away, I shall reveal all the secrets I know about here! Come with me and find out why this town is so charming to adults and kids alike.

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