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15 August 2012

Blog Feature: Loving My Spot in Singapore Series (My Singapore, My Home)

In this run-up to National Day initiative, Sarah from The Playful Parents has started a Loving My Spot in Singapore blog hop series which will help us take a virtual tour to the areas in Singapore which hold close to each writer's heart.

Check out 19 incredible love notes from 19 fabulous and proud Singaporean mummies on the spots in Singapore which hold a special place in their hearts!


Day 17, 10 August 2012:
My Singapore, My Home
by Summer of A Happy Mum

I've never thought that I would leave Singapore.

Well, the one and only time I had my fortune read with tarot cards, which was at a media event and that was the only attractive booth, the fortune teller predicted that I would one day migrate. Which I laughed and said impossible because I loved Singapore way too much.

It turned out I really left home for four long years.

So he was half right in saying that. Then again, he also said I would fall in love with an exoticman which didn't happen.

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