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07 August 2012

Blog Feature: Handling Our Anger Better.

If you are a parent, I’m sure you’ve had days that are just … very,VERY mentally exhausting.

If you’re a non-parent, picture the following … perhaps this will help in better understanding what I mean :

You slept for just 4 hours last night. Your child no. 1 was rude and unappreciative before she left for school. Soon after, while rushing to shower, you knocked your little toe – HARD – on the bedside table. Child no. 2 woke up and yelled out, ‘MOMMYYYY … WHERE ARE YOUUU?’, waking up the littlest baby, who then started crying very loudly. You’re thirsty, hungry and just when you’re about pee, child no. 2 spilled all his milk, EVERYTHING, onto the dining table and floor, wetting your books and documents that happened to be on the table. And, your littlest baby threw her bowl of food onto the floor. And vomited.

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