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27 July 2012

Blog Feature: Loving My Spot in Singapore Series (Tampines)

In this run-up to National Day initiative, Sarah from The Playful Parents  has started a Loving My Spot in Singapore blog hop series which will help us take a virtual tour to the areas in Singapore which hold close to each writer's heart.

Check out 19 incredible love notes from 19 fabulous and proud Singaporean mummies on the spots in Singapore which hold a special place in their hearts!

Day 1, 25 July 2012:
by Sarah from The Playful Parents

Tampines ( say ‘Tam-Puh-Knees’) is the name of my neighbourhood. Its strange name is derived from the large forest of Tampines trees that used to be here, which is of course way before I ever lived here. Now it is the second largest commercial and residential area, after Jurong Lake, in Singapore.

I have lived here for more than 20 years, so of course I am biased when I say this is a truly amazing place to live! But if you really want to know why Tampines is one of the best in the world, what I think sets us above the other towns in Singapore is that our town actually has an international World Habitat Award from United Nations that says so.

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