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16 July 2013

Having Children Close in Age

"You look as if you have been pregnant for 2 years!"

"Oh, you are pregnant... AGAIN?!?"

Those are some of the comments that I received in year 2009. Even my mother said that while she was surprised (驚喜), but she felt more worried (驚) more than happy (喜) when I told her that I was pregnant again. Pei Pei was only 5+ months old then.

Some of my friends asked me, "Is it very challenging?" While some commented that it would be good that the two kids grow up together. Well, I would say there are two sides of a coin.

What I Not So Enjoy #1
Juggling two under two was no joking matter. Feeding x 2, changing diaper x 2, screaming tantrums x 2, sleep disruption x 2.

When two were crying, and if I was alone, it was a tough decision on whose need was to be met first.


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