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29 May 2013

Some Exciting News to Share!!

I've got some great news to share! No, there's nothing happening in my uterus. No, there will not be another baby in 9 months. Really, I'm not kidding. Other kind of news, ok?

So when I heard it, I literally looked like this:

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17 May 2013


What is your earliest memory of your heritage?

“I think the most memorable moments learning about my heritage was visiting my paternal relatives during the Chinese New Year. It helped that I was always rooted at my seat and trying to figure out the language, so unlike the younger generation today. It is likely that I picked up my knowledge of basic Malay and a fair bit of ‘peranakan language’ from them. (Peranakans converse in a mixture of English, Malay and Hokkien).

My parents were already rather modernized when they wedded in the 60s. There was, unfortunately, no specific tradition that has been carried forward except for the food. My mum leant peranakan-style cooking from my paternal grandma who taught her the recipes.”

So, who is this Singapore Mom Blogger?
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