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12 March 2013

FTWM: Livin’ and lovin’ it!

A FTWM, for the uninitiated, stands for a Full-Time Working Mother. Which, basically, is precisely what the acronym means. FTWMs hold full-time employment and are clocking in overtime back home as moms.

Some women look like they have it all. Some look like they struggle every minute. Some make it look effortless. Others may be dragging their feet at every turn. But no matter, all mothers have an awesome and huge responsibility the moment they leave that delivery suite with another living, breathing being.

Before I had Jayvon, I was pretty much clocking long, long hours at work. Public holidays, weekends… burnt, and I was happy to do so, working in an organization I loved and believed in. And I kind of harboured some thoughts my life would hardly change with the little one in the picture. Probably that was my biggest mistake. Cos change did happen, and struggle I did. I didn’t get that being able to sleep for a stretch of 3 or more hours was such a treat. I never imagined myself being so happy to see soiled diapers after a bout of constipation of the little one. I didn’t expect the heartbreaking cries of my sick child to wrench my heart so. I didn’t expect juggling all my commitments to be so hard. All the sleepless nights and the constant worrying and fussing over my baby who didn’t like the bottle and cried and whined all day at the Nursery… my work took such a plunge, and I am thankful for understanding bosses who gave me a certain amount of leeway and a great hubby who helped with the slack.

“Something’s gotta give.”

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