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21 February 2013

$AHM: Surviving as a SAHM

This post was written by Adeline Oon, The Accidental Mom Blogger, as part of the $AHM Linky party started by Sarah Lee-Wong of The Playful Parents.

I was never prepared to be a stay-at-home-mom (SAHM).

Prior to my staying home, I was enjoying my 5 years working as a personal assistant to a CEO with an offshore bank. The pay was good and perks even better than I ever imagined. But a change in the course of my career made me decide to be a temporary SAHM until my baby turns 18 months of age - old enough for me to send him to childcare. "ONLY for a short period", I told my husband. 6 months later and another baby on the way, we decided I could stay put on my role as a SAHM. Albeit tough to rely on just one income.

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$AHM: What’s a mother’s worth?

This post was written by Edlyn of Mummy Ed as part of the $AHM Linky party started by Sarah Lee-Wong of The Playful Parents.


Some people have commented that our government would be happy with us for having three kids. It’s really a personal choice, and it’s heartening to see more and more larger families.

Having been both a FTWM for two years to one child, and now a WAHM to three, encouraging Singaporean couples to have more children is one of my keen interest topics. Our government prefers for mothers to be in the workforce, but at the same time keeps calling for more babies. Wah lao eh, want more babies, want mothers to work long hours, everything also want. The only thing they don’t want, is to support stay home mothers. How can like that? In my mind it’s very clear that stay home mothers are worth more than our government believes. Their role at home is invaluable, irreplaceable, and well, if we want more babies their role is crucial. With more support, or at least less disfavor for stay at home mums (SAHMs), we will be able to see a trend of happier, and ultimately larger families in our country. Families happy, government happy. Win-win, what! And here’s why I think so.

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$AHM: What's My True Worth?

This post was written by Dominique of Dominique's Desk as part of the $AHM Linky party started by Sarah Lee-Wong of The Playful Parents.


$AMH, WAHM, (T)SAHM. You can say that my work status now is "complicated". For the past 2 years I have been in a transit state regarding my employment status. I haven't official quit my FT job and am still on NPL since Tiger girl was born. However in the meanwhile I have started expanding my freelance portfolio and items that I do to add to our family income.

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$AHM: HOW I became a SAHM

This post was written by Florinda Tay of Mummy Flo as part of the $AHM Linky party started by Sarah Lee-Wong of The Playful Parents.


Readers of this blog will know I used to be flying with Singapore Airlines and left as a Leading Stewardess, Yea the one in green uniform (aka as Ninja turtles), u can see how HOT I used to look!!!

Readers of this blog will know I used to be flying with Singapore Airlines and left as a Leading Stewardess, Yea the one in green uniform (aka as Ninja turtles), u can see how HOT I used to look!!!

I look silly with The ST right ?
actually it was my 2nd last flt and it states 120708!!

You see not all mummies decides that being jobless was the way to go, for my case in my previous company -
I was just forced to be jobless.
Yes, basically no choice but to leave without a job, no option of being grounded because my previous company do not think its feasible to keep staff that are pregnant. Odd? But it is a living fact! still is.... sadly.

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$AHM: A Stay-At-Home Mother is...

This post was written by Ashley Lee of Mother's Avenue, as part of the $AHM Linky party started by Sarah Lee-Wong of The Playful Parents.


It's not about that monthly pay cheque.

It's not about the collection of academic certificates you worked hard for.

It's not about shopping for power office attire or work appropriate clothes.

It's not about following SOPs (Standard Operational Procedures).

It's not about climbing the corporate ladder and vie for that corner room next to the Managing Director.

It's not about the government subsidies for the kid/kids.

It's not about the best childcare or the best school for the little ones.

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$AHM: The True Worth Of SAHMs

This post was written by Irene Soh of Baby Hiroshi as part of the $AHM Linky party started by Sarah Lee-Wong of The Playful Parents.


Stay At Home Moms are not Economical Liabilities.
Our contributions are just Intangible.
Not measurable by mere numbers such as the GDP.

We, the Stay At Home Moms of Singapore,
Work Harder than the Maria next door!
Tending to details on the home front
so as to motivate our husbands
to be fully committed to his profession.
Regardless of weekday, weekend or public holidays
pledge ourselves to educate our kids to our best abilities.
Heh-shio, Heh-Shio
to Achieve Better Fertility Rates
And Progress for our Nation.

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$AHM: My Life as a Stay Home Mom

This post was written by Ling Siew of The View from Mama's Desk as part of the $AHM Linky party started by Sarah Lee-Wong of The Playful Parents.


I started my "job" as a stay home mom on 1 March 2012. It has been almost a year since I quit my full time job. Several months back, I made a list of 10 reasons why I am glad I quit my full time job. And now, as I reflect on the year that has gone by, I am filled with much thankfulness.

As a child, I remember how I looked forward to the rare occasions when my parents didn't go to work, or came home from work early. These occasions were few and far between. My parents worked really hard when I was younger, coming home past 8 every night. My bedtime was 9, so we spent barely an hour together each day. They worked half days on Saturdays too. The school bus picked me up from school, and I had my sisters for company at the lunch table. We were cared for by a domestic helper, none of whom I had a close relationship with.

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$AHM: I'm That Kind of Mum

This post was written by Adora Tan, The Gingerbread Mum, as part of the $AHM Linky party started by Sarah Lee-Wong of The Playful Parents.


Ain't got no swanky office
Work's piled under marketing lists
Cos I'm a mum
A work-at-home mum

Baby's crying from a fall
At the start of a conference call
Cos I'm a mum
Professional mum

Gave up insensible shoes
To squat and kiss boo-boos
Cos I'm a mum
A practical mum

My pay is kinda crappy
My mood, it's kinda snappy
Cos I'm a mum
An "I need to sleep" mum

Gave up a thousand or four
To do the things that matter more
Cos I'm a mum
A bye-bye-career mum

Economic contribution?
Let's talk after dinner preparation
I'm a mum
No-domestic-help mum

My body's oh so weary

Why do kids get up so early
I'm a mum
An I-want-to-sleep-in mum

Got no time to match clothes to shoesJust grab whatever's clean and loose
Cos I'm a mum
An I-miss-looking-good mum

Sure I'd love to dress up
But my kids lost all my make up
Cos I'm a mum
No-more-cosmetics mum

May have no real boss at my back
But the kids cut me no slack
Cos I'm a mum
Frequently bullied mum

No time to brush my hair

The school bus is already there
Cos I'm a mum
Perpetually late mum
When the kids are off at school
I ain't lounging by no pool

Cos I'm a mum
A "no time for me" mum

Phonics, craft, science and numbers
But really, I'm no teacher
Just a mum
Home learning mum
Fell asleep accidentally
At 8pm with the baby
Cos I'm a mum
A tired mum

Co-sleeping indefinitely
Nursing on demand, that's me
Cos I'm a mum
A milk-buffet mum

Picking toys at late o'clock
Feet finding pegs and Lego blocks
Cos I'm a mum
A try-to-be-neat mum

Bring the kids to the PD
Oh shucks, I've forgotten money
Cos I'm a mum
Absent-minded mum

Every day is filled with laundry
And "Mama just one more story"
Cos I'm a mum
A do-it-all mum

Late to meet our friends for dinner
The baby's still just in her diaper
Cos I'm a mum
A frazzled mum

Spare the rod and spoil the child?
I only hope they don't grow wild
Cos I'm a mum
Non-violent mum

Don't need no thermometer
To know they've got a fever
Cos I'm a mum
Experienced mum

People laugh at me when I say
It's tough to entertain kids all day
But I'm a mum
A hands-on mum

Excuse me if I'm not jolly
Just kicked over a full potty
Yes I'm a mum
A "sh*t happens" mum

Head's hot and nose is runny
Sick leave? Oh you're so funny!
I'm a mum
24/7 mum

No I don't think I'm wasting my time
I'll care for my kids, they're mine
I'm a mum
My kids' mum
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$AHM: What We’re Really Worth (Linky)

Sarah Lee-Wong from The Playful Parents has started a linky to feature Moms who have chosen to out their careers on hold, in favour of staying home to ensure that their kids grow up in the best environment possible. Stay At Home Mums (SAHM) are often a misunderstood lot - most people have the tendency of thinking that they spend all day watching dramas, shop. have hi-tea and indulge in mahjong sessions with friends. 

Through this linky, these Mums have bravely taken a leap into the unknown, taken a 100% pay cut, and basically devoted their lives to home and family. They are to be lauded, for some things in life can never be measured in dollars and cents.


Sarah says:

More than making GDP contributions...
More than dollars and cents...
More than accolades and awards...
More than status and fame...
More than what money can buy...

This is what we, Mums who have left the Corporate World for Domestic Paradise (not!), believe what our place in our Homes is worth.

Do Mums who stay home really sip teas as they slip their freshly-manicured nails through perfectly coiffed hair?

Do we flop about in our pajamas all day long, trying to keep the home from disintegrating from boisterous Mess?

Are we all leeching off the goodwill of society by having one too many offsprings?

Just what is it we Mums who stay home really do?

Are we to be adored or abhorred?

So if you are a mom who stays home to care for your children, join us and share what life is really like from the domestic front. You may be doing some work from home to supplement household finances, and that will be just perfect too!

Because we Mums-At-Home come in all sorts of different forms, but our primary business is about being home for our family.

We're proud to be Stay-Home Mums.
And we're proud to say this:
We have net worth because
Our children have real value.


Do drop by her page and check out more contributions by other Stay Home Mums!
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That's my buggy!

It's probably not a surprise that Angel knows how to spell her name.

However, when we ask her what is meimei's name, she shouts "Ariel!" in the sweetest possible voice but when it comes to spelling, she goes "Errrr...."

So I decided to help her learn it through a fun craft session. We decided to make a stroller plate for Ariel! You know, those customised plates with names that you see attached on strollers. I'm not sure if they are a big thing in Singapore, but these sure are popular in Sweden and I'm glad I had bought an empty plate for Ariel before we came back.

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