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08 November 2012

My PPROM story

Penning this story down as I realised that my PPROM birth story is scattered all over the blog. Sincerely hope that my story and many others’ will encourage someone who had to walk a similar road.

PPROM – Preterm Premature Rupture of Membranes

PPROM is defined as a condition that occurs in pregnancy when there is rupture of membranes (i.e. the membrane sac holding your baby and the amniotic fluid breaks open before you are actually in labour). It’s defined as PPROM when such condition occurs before 37 weeks of gestation.

It was a normal day for me.

Normal as in – normal to see blood; normal to see more blood.

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My 小鬼 (little ghost) is baby no more.

I forgot who reminded who but Xan & I were talking abt his sch's Halloween party a few nights ago. I asked him if he wld like to wear the Ultraman costume my sis bought for him to the party. He said no.

He wanted to be a Prince! I was surprised, asked him if he knew wat it was and he said No but he wanted to dress like a Prince anyway. Being a skeptic, I had to make sure so I asked him again the next day. He clearly had a good night's rest and decided to ditch the whimpy Prince for... a Goose!

The white white one hor. He couldn't tell me why but gave me very clear instructions that it must hv very white feathers and a yellow beak. Goose very scary meh? Got ppl wear goose outfit for Halloween meh? to make??


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02 November 2012

The 'Mothering' Instinct

If there is one thing I've learnt, it's that we all need to listen to our hearts more. As mothers, we are naturally equipped with instincts to nurture and raise our young, regardless of whether we had the 'mothering instincts' to begin with, or otherwise. When God has entrusted a little one to us, He has also made sure that we are 'basically' equipped to handle that road wrought with worries.

All too often, we become so dependent on our intellectual sides that we forget there is much, much more to this amazing world we live in.


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Heirloom Toys

Alf and I had a funny conversation recently; I guess you could call it our brand of romance:

Me: Hey I’ve been thinking about the toys that we should keep around for the grandkids.
Alf: (grinning) Does this mean we’re staying together forever!?
Me: You do know that we don’t need to be together to have grandkids?

Anyway, back to the toys. It’s such a dilemma! I generally have few or no feelings for anything plastic, but even among our plastic toys, there are some nice-looking ones that I’d like to store away for the distant future. And I’ve given away so many plushies in the past that I think we can afford to be sentimental and save a few going forward.

What’ll kill me is having to whittle down our wooden/vintage/handmade collection—how can I ever decide?

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