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17 October 2012

Blog Series: Day In A Life

MamaJ of Mum in the Making hosts this Series, which takes a 24 hour peek into the lives of 12 different mums.

"Have you wondered how a mum spends her day? How do the working mums juggle between work and family? What about the stay-home mums? Are they living the life, and sipping coffee in the mornings as their kids run wild in the park?"

Oct 2: Adora, creative mum to two little girls
Oct 3: Evelyn, cool mama to a six year old girl and one year old boy
Oct 4: June, working mum to two littles, on her day off
Oct 5: Regina, full-time working mum to a boy
Oct 6: Lyn's Saturday with family and her two little girls
Oct 7: Summer's Sunday in Sweden

Oct 8: Adeline, stay home mum to a 10 and 12 year old
Oct 9: Pamela, mum to two year old twins and a five year old
Oct 10: Jus, mum to 3.5 year old and 11 month old boys
Oct 11: Alicia, home-learning enthusiast and mum to one little girl
Oct 12: Rachel, mumpreneur and mother to a five year old
Oct 13: Susan, healthy full-time working mum to one

How about joining us and sharing how your day looks like? Grab your camera (or even the camera phone will do!), snap your day, and link up here:

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