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14 September 2012

Why Moms Blog: Why Do I Blog? (Blog Train)

Blog Train: Why Do Moms Blog?

Rachel of Catch Fortywinks has started a train which will stop at 15 different blog stations to ask Moms on the reasons as to why they blog.


14th September 2012
Day 14: Alicia's Thoughts

I first started blogging in 2006 for a year before I became pregnant (in a different blog sphere) and life sort of halted for a bit. I then started this blog with the grand intention of blogging about the early days of lovely parenthood. I had visions of a perfect me glowing in a perfectly matching outfit with my little one where we meet my girlfriends and lift our pinkies while drinking tea. :p

Life certainly has a weird way of throwing you off the curve because shortly after the birth of Dumpling, Post Natal Depression hit. It took a while for me to adjust to life with a 2 dogs and a baby. Around the same period, shortly after I returned to work, a total of three departments were made redundant. My department was one of them and so, I had to hunt for a new job all over again after being comfortably “settled” in the previous company for almost 4 years.

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