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06 August 2012

Blog Feature: Loving My Spot in Singapore Series (Katong)

In this run-up to National Day initiative, Sarah from The Playful Parents  has started a Loving My Spot in Singapore blog hop series which will help us take a virtual tour to the areas in Singapore which hold close to each writer's heart.

Check out 19 incredible love notes from 19 fabulous and proud Singaporean mummies on the spots in Singapore which hold a special place in their hearts!


Day 12, 5 August 2012:

When I first heard about this initiative, I was really excited. A post dedicated to my beloved Katong. It was like sitting for an examination for your favourite subject; the words were bound to flow easily, right? Well, not quite, as I discovered.

Katong. Or Singapore 1542 as I remember it. It's funny cos there isn't a Katong Road or Katong Street. I don't quite know where it starts or ends; I just know that those anyone who's lived there is darn proud of the fact, as I am.

I decided to start my journey by hopping on bus 155, a service I used to take a lot in my childhood. It brought me to:


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